Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tribute to Peanut

Who Would Have Thought

Who would have thought on that blustery March day, our lives would change forever?
We went to the pound and came home with a sweet little dog with big brown eyes and soft floppy ears. She was sickly and thin, her ribs poking out, and a sad, lonely look in her eyes. Days and weeks went by and the little beagle quickly improved. Her body grew healthy and strong, and her eyes sparkled with happiness, light and love.

Who would have thought we could love something so much?
Peanut became our treasured friend, the child we couldn’t have, and our constant companion. She was the missing piece in our lives that had finally been filled. Peanut could make even the darkest day seem as bright as the sun and turn tears into smiles. She loved attention and lived for the endless kisses and ear nibbles, enjoyed long walks, rolling in stinky stuff, sleeping snugly between our pillows, curling up next to us at the end of the day, diving into warm clothes fresh out of the dryer, and sneaking any food she could find.

Who would have thought that the time (12 years) would go by so quickly?
Life with Peanut had purpose and meaning and was always happy and fun. As old age crept up on her she slowed down, her beautiful tri-colored fur became white, but the love and light always remained in her soulful brown eyes. We discovered she had a lung mass and were told she only had 6 months to live, but our little “energizer bunny”, kept going for more than two years. Finally, we could no longer ignore her health was slowly but steadily declining and that our dear friend had to have been suffering to some degree. Therefore, we decided it was time for us to let her go and free her from her pain. It was our love for her that allowed us to send her back to Heaven.

Who would have thought that losing her could cause so much pain and loneliness?
The days that have followed the loss of our sweet beagle have been the darkest that we have known. The void in our lives has been vast, the space between our pillows is now vacant, and she is missed every single day we live on without her. We long to hear that wonderful beagle bark, or the sound of her teeth chattering when she would wait for a treat, or how she would squeal when we nibbled her ears. Even though we feel such sadness we will forever be grateful for being given our angel sent from Heaven. She came to us at a time when she really needed us and we really needed her. We took on her pain so that she could be free from it and she will live forever in our hearts until we are reunited again some day.